Join The Experience Partner Program for Businesses

MCVRA has launched an exciting new program that will bring your business to the attention of our visitors. By becoming an Experience Partner, you will have the opportunity to share your products & services with the thousands of families our members host every year. Visitors will present a ‘Vacation Rental Guest’ card when they arrive, and our Experience Partners are encouraged to create special offers to attract them to your business. Experience Partners will also receive window decals to let Vacation Renters know that you are participants in the program.

How Does It Work?

Fill out the membership form and let us know if you would like to offer a special or a discount to our visitors. We will promote your business in a directory that is available at each vacation home and on our website. Visiting families will receive a card identifying them as a Vacation Rental Guest that they can use at your establishment to take advantage of the special. We will also promote your business in advance of our guest arrivals through our Experience Partner Online Planning Guide which helps them schedule their itinerary well in advance. You get the people, they get a treat, and everyone is happy!

What Does It Cost?

Nothing. Not a dime. For the rest of 2017 we are inviting Experience Partners to participate in our soft launch. At the start of the new year you will have the chance to opt out. If being an Experience Partner is as beneficial as we think it will be, you can stay in at our annual rate.

70% of Californians say they would like to visit the coast more often. Vacation Rentals erase some of the barriers that keep them away.

MCVRA members host thousands of vacationers every year who are asking us where they should shop, eat and play.

Research has shown that visitors who use vacation rentals do so for the unique experience and that those guests would not stay in traditional overnight accommodations. The availability of vacation rentals are the key element in their decision to come to Monterey County. When you see the diversity in our homes you understand. There is literally something for everyone, in every price range, with charm and the unique experience of living in our community. How important is this?

Vacation rentals account for about 5% of the tourism impact on the region’s economy.

Vacation Rental Guest card

Guests at participating rentals will have cards identifying them as Vacation Rental Guests.

Who Are Our Guests



Friends or Groups


What Age Range Are They In?

40 to 50

30 to 40

Over 50

20 to 30

What Do They Spend Money On?

Guests spend $42 million on accommodations annually. The rest of their vacation budget is spent on enjoying the region.

Food & Beverage

Retail Sales

Entertainment & Recreation

Ground Transportation

An Invitation From Our President

Dear Monterey County Business Owner;
Did you know that 70% of Californians say they would like to visit our coast more often? Why don’t they? According to the California Coastal Conservancy, the largest barrier to coastal tourism is cost. In fact, 58.3% would like to spend more time and money here on our coast, but are held back because of the cost of overnight accommodations. Historically, these vacationers have been forced to go elsewhere to spend their discretionary dollars. However, through the home sharing of vacation rentals, an underserved market is making its way to the coast via an affordable option for families, leaving them more money for dining, shopping and attractions.

As the President of the Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance, I have the privilege of welcoming thousands of families to vacation rental homes in Monterey County each year. Our guests contribute $138.8 million to our local economy each year, and that number is rapidly growing. We are so fortunate to live and work in a blissful coastal paradise, and Alliance members consider it an honor to share this wonderful place with the rest of the world.

Families vacationing in the homes we own and manage ask us where to eat, shop and play. We would like to make our guests your customers. The Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance is proud to announce the kickoff of “MCVRA Experience Partners,” a program designed to promote your business to our visitors. Be first in line to personally welcome them with seasonal specials and incentives that are sure to get them into your business!

Your Tourism Colleague,

Jan Leasure, President
Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance

We have an incredibly diverse variety of homes meeting the needs of an even more diverse customer base.